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My Current Set of Tools and Customizations

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Category #1 tool Alternatives
3d animation blender
audio editing audacity
backup (script) rsync
clipboard manager copyq clipman
cloud dropbox-cli google drive
code completion coc.nvim ale
code snippets github gists gitlab snippets
cursor hider unclutter
desktop environment xfce gnome
diagram generation plantuml mermaid-js
dotfiles management git bare repo
dynamic menu dmenu rofi
ebook manager calibre
encrypted paste bin paste.sh
file manager thunar pcmanfm, nautilus
file renamer pyrenamer thunar bulk rename
flowchart design draw.io
fonts monospace jetbrains mono iosevka
fonts monospace source code pro inconsolata
fonts sansserif lato dejavu
gif screen recorder peek
image editing (raster) gimp
image editing (vector) inkscape
interface design figma
irc chat hexchat pidgin
latex typesetting latex workshop vimtex
linux distribution xubuntu debian, manjaro
memorizing anki
mind mapping freeplane draw.io
music player audacious clementine
note-taking vimwiki
notifications xfce dunst
office suite libreoffice
operating system gnu/linux macOS
paragraph formatter par
partition manager gparted
password manager keepassxc
pdf editing (minimal) pdfarranger
pdf viewer atril evince, zathura
publishing scribus
python documentation sphinx
python formatter black
python ide pycharm
python linter pylint
python refactoring rope
python test suite pytest
python virtualenv manager venv module virtualenvwrapper.sh
screen locker slock xflock4
screen recorder obs studio simplescreenrecorder
screenshot software flameshot xfce4-screenshooter
security gnupg2
sound system pulseaudio
source code explorer sourcetrail
sql client dbeaver
sql database postgres mysql, sqlite
sql viewer sqlitebrowser
static website generator pelican
task management todoist google keep
terminal calculator ipython bc
terminal clipboard xclip
terminal coursera downloader coursera-dl
terminal disk usage ncdu
terminal emulator kitty st, xfce4-terminal
terminal file archiver p7zip
terminal file lister exa
terminal file lister tree-style tree
terminal file manager vifm nnn
terminal file manager (minimal) lf
terminal file viewer bat cat
terminal fuzzy finder fzf
terminal markup converter pandoc
terminal network downloader wget
terminal network tool curl
terminal partition manager parted
terminal search tool the silver searcher locate
terminal session recorder asciinema
terminal shell zsh bash
terminal system monitor bashtop glances, htop
terminal youtube downloader youtube-dl
text editor neovim vim, vs code
torrent transmission deluge
version control stats gitstats
version control system git
video player smplayer vlc
visual plotting geogebra
wallpaper browser/setter nitrogen feh
web browser google-chrome firefox, brave
window manager i3 dwm
window manager status bar i3blocks i3status

For a more granular selection of open source projects I’ve used and like (Vim plugins, color schemes, command-line tools, etc.), you can also have a look at the GitHub repositories I’ve starred over time.

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