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Systematic reviews

Estimated read time: 9 minutes

I find learning about productivity fascinating, yet I’m aware that in the end, a simple set of rules and systems is what works best for me. These systems will continue to evolve over time, but I have found that the simpler they are, the more likely I am to stick with them. This post describes my current digital take on dealing with everyday life.

Book summary: The Effective Engineer

Estimated read time: 9 minutes

After reading Letters to a New Developer, one of the next logical steps on this learning path was to read The Effective Engineer. I hope you enjoy this simple yet effective book summary!

Reviewing the process of building a first React Native application

Estimated read time: 16 minutes

Working with new technologies can be exciting and insightful at the same time! At least, this is what I would like to believe after having dedicated a couple of weeks to this project…

Git worktrees for a better parallel workflow

Estimated read time: 10 minutes

Git leads to a wealth of discoveries. Once SSH and GPG are set up, once dotfiles are under control and a reasonable Git workflow has been adopted, there’s still room to be amazed by a feature like Git worktrees!

Uncovering some of the merits of text-based diagrams

Estimated read time: 11 minutes

Every once in a short while, new digital technology comes out to iterate on existing products. Software targeting technical design (e.g., flowcharts) is no exception. Yet, there is still room to enjoy older tools that work simply… and simply work!

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