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Sat 04 March 2023
Reviewing the process of building a first React Native application
Mon 02 January 2023
Git worktrees for a better parallel workflow
Sat 19 November 2022
Uncovering some of the merits of text-based diagrams
Fri 14 October 2022
Building the next Facebook in a couple of weeks (as a humble experiment)
Sun 18 September 2022
A retrospective on creating an impractical little tool just for fun
Sat 18 June 2022
What it took to propel a career in tech in five years
Sun 03 April 2022
Git the gist of it: common commands for a working workflow
Sun 19 December 2021
Using Google Sheets as a database to extract data converted to Markdown
Mon 08 November 2021
Book summary: Letters to a New Developer
Sun 19 September 2021
Managing multiple tmux sessions at once
Sat 31 July 2021
Convenient and lightning fast backups with rsync
Sun 30 May 2021
Managing dotfiles with a Git bare repository
Sat 03 October 2020
Setting up SSH and Git for Multiple Accounts
Sat 15 August 2020
A Guided Tour of an i3 Configuration
Sat 06 June 2020
My Current Set of Tools and Customizations
Sun 05 April 2020
Tip the Scales in Times of Instability With the Rock-Solid Debian
Sat 30 November 2019
Ignoring Sync of Local Files to Dropbox on Linux
Sun 10 November 2019
Using dmenu to Optimize Common Tasks
Sat 13 July 2019
Black: A Python Formatter to Brighten Your Workflow
Fri 24 May 2019
fzf - A Fuzzy Finder to Accomplish Anything
Sun 12 May 2019
Suckless: Minimalist Tools That Work Great
Sat 27 April 2019
Exponentiation in Modular Arithmetic Made Easy
Fri 19 April 2019
Tag Navigation in Vim
Wed 03 April 2019
Dispose of Spam with Disposable Emails And More!
Thu 21 March 2019
Have You Been Pwned?
Thu 14 March 2019
Number of Paths in a Grid… or in Life
Fri 08 March 2019
Executing Shell Commands in a Python Script
Mon 18 February 2019
Binary to Decimal, Decimal to Binary Converter
Mon 11 February 2019
Surfing with qutebrowser — a Keyboard-Driven Web Browser
Wed 16 January 2019
Using Embedded Terminals Inside Neovim
Tue 08 January 2019
Using i3 as a Window Manager for Increased Productivity
Sun 23 December 2018
Bash History Cleaner
Sat 08 December 2018
Aliases: Also Known as Terminal User’s Best Friends
Mon 03 December 2018
Using Vimwiki for Note-Taking
Mon 19 November 2018
Tmux Integration with Vim/Neovim — First Steps

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