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Book summary: The Effective Engineer

Estimated read time: 9 minutes

After reading Letters to a New Developer, one of the next logical steps on this learning path was to read The Effective Engineer. I hope you enjoy this simple yet effective book summary!

What it took to propel a career in tech in five years

Estimated read time: 5 minutes

Learning is an eternal path. I have been sharing my own adventure primarily for the following practical reasons: to help me remember what I have been working on technology-wise and to help me practice a technique known as spaced repetition. This has been a summary to motivate myself to keep on track, to practice consistent self-reflection and to be reminded as often as possible to stay a bit more humble. In the process, I hope you may found some inspiration too.

Book summary: Letters to a New Developer

Estimated read time: 26 minutes

If you are still early in your career as a software developer (or not so much!), I think you might enjoy reading Letters to a New Developer: What I Wish I Had Known When Starting My Development Career written by Dan Moore, who also features a very insightful blog.

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