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Git worktrees for a better parallel workflow

Estimated read time: 10 minutes

Git leads to a wealth of discoveries. Once SSH and GPG are set up, once dotfiles are under control and a reasonable Git workflow has been adopted, there’s still room to be amazed by a feature like Git worktrees!

Git the gist of it: common commands for a working workflow

Estimated read time: 30 minutes

Git is such a fascinating piece of software. It is not the only distributed version control system out there, but it is certainly ubiquitous in that category and has become a tool that must be mastered by any software developer in the modern era.

Managing dotfiles with a Git bare repository

Estimated read time: 5 minutes

Keeping configuration files under version control with a Git bare repository is a fast, elegant and convenient solution!

Setting up SSH and Git for Multiple Accounts

Estimated read time: 8 minutes

Simple workflow with SSH, GPG and Git to work remotely with multiple accounts in a convenient way.

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