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Learning Progress 2021

Learning is an eternal path. I wanted to share my own adventure primarily for the following practical reasons: to help me remember what I have been working on technology-wise and to help me practice a technique known as spaced repetition. This is a summary to motivate myself to keep on track, to practice consistent self-reflection and to be reminded as often as possible to stay a bit more humble. In the process, I hope you may find some inspiration too.


  • University of London
    • Agile Software Projects
      • Integrating Material-UI within a React application; makeStyles.
      • Theming with Material-UI; React props.
      • Building a React app with Next.js.
      • SSR with Next.js, styled-components and Material UI.
      • Integrating Next.js Commerce template.
      • Writing a software proposal report.
      • Writing a problem analysis.
    • Graphics Programming
      • Making a “webcam piano” with howler.js.
      • Customize 3D sine game.
      • Working on an “average face” sketch, combining different images.
  • How to Publish an Open-Source Python Package to PyPI.
  • Read Clean Code: Concurrency programming.
  • Using Click to build command-line tools.
  • Using Kitty terminal.
  • Taking screenshots with Chrome developer tools.


  • University of London
    • Agile Software Projects
      • Gantt chart; validation techniques; measuring success; sampling and heuristic evaluation.
      • Evaluation studies; emotional interaction; interfaces in interaction design.
      • Interfaces in interaction design; data at scale; cognitive aspects.
      • React: Introduction to React; creating a React component.
      • Next.js: Create a Next.js application; navigating between pages; assets, metadata, and CSS.
      • Next.js: pre-rendering and data fetching.
      • Next.js: Adding a responsive navbar.
      • Researching React frameworks to use to style Next.js application: stick with Material UI.
      • Integrating Material-UI within a React application.
    • Graphics Programming
      • Integrating a particle system in p5.js.
      • Making an Instagram filter.
      • Making a “webcam piano” with howler.js.
    • Programming with Data
      • Pandas, Matplotlib, JupyterLab.
      • Data cleaning.
  • Regexes in Python.
  • Hackerrank: solve Alphabet Rangoli and Designer Door Mat.
  • Setting up multiple bars in i3wm.
  • Using tailwindcss with Next.js.
  • Fundamentals of TDD: Introducing the Unit Converter (example application); phases of testing.
  • Vim:
    • Track open files with the buffer list; group buffers into a collection with the argument list.
    • Managing hidden files; divide the workspace into split windows.
    • Organize window layouts with tab pages.
    • Open a file by its filepath using :edit and :find.
    • Explore the File System with netrw.
    • Save files to nonexistent directories; save a file as the super user.
    • Difference between wrapped real lines and display lines; moving word-wise.
    • Find by character; search to navigate.
    • Trace your selection with precision text objects; delete around and change inside selections.
    • Mark your place and snap back to it; jump between matching parentheses; traverse the jump list.
    • Traverse the change list; jump to filename under the cursor.
    • Snap between files using global marks.



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