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Managing multiple tmux sessions at once

Estimated read time: 7 minutes

Open and close projects with tmux sessions in a breeze via two keyboard shortcuts.

A Guided Tour of an i3 Configuration

Estimated read time: 25 minutes

This article will go over my dear i3 configuration file, which contains quite a few sections I hope I had stumbled upon right from the start when I got introduced to the tiling window manager world. It would probably have been less scary and intimidating. May you find the shortcut you needed!

Tip the Scales in Times of Instability With the Rock-Solid Debian

Estimated read time: 10 minutes

Desperate times call for the best Linux experience possible… And in my experience so far, the Debian distribution with the Xfce desktop environment or with the even lighter alternative i3 tiling window manager makes for a very smooth ride.

Using dmenu to Optimize Common Tasks

Estimated read time: 12 minutes

If remembering dozens of keyboard shortcuts isn’t your forte, let dmenu come to the rescue! With this awesome tool, you will be able to create menus from plain text files swiftly and effortlessly (almost).

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